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Bought a 03LT 2 months ago, I can't seem to adjust the rear spring load.

I unfolded the the handwheel and it is in the high setting, it will not adjust.

Any ideas?



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Rear shock preload tip

This is copied from a post by JPSpen dated May 2, 06 and proved to be very helpful to me. It only takes a few minutes and should do what you need. Good luck!

JPSpen said:
Someone on the shock life expectancy post reminded me of this and I realized I needed to do it.. Took only about 15 minutes and helped my ride height tremendously. I had less than half the adjustment available to me.

1. Crank the preload all the way down to the stop. That's Counterclockwise..
Put the bike up on the center stand. This unloads the shock.

2. Unbolt the preload adjuster from the pivot mechanism and turn it hose up.
Notice now which way the hose is pointed on the bottom of the adjuster.

3. I used a 10" Crescent to hold the preload adjuster bracket while I backed out the banjo bolt at the bottom. (Watch out for the crush washers, You don't want to loose one at this time. )

4. The hose will naturally point up when it comes off the adjuster. Leave it pointing up so no oil will leak out.

5. With the preload adjuster all the way counterclockwise and upside down, Take a smooth tool and insert it into the hole where the banjo bolt was attached and push the plunger all the way in to the stop. Don't use something sharp. I used a round ended allen wrench. The wobble type.

6. Refill the adjuster to completely full with hydraulic jack oil. Run a few drops down into the banjo bolt if any came out. I used a syringe with a wd-40 hose attached to it for this.

7. Bolt the hose back up to the adjuster loosing as little oil as you can.
This was the hardest part. With the bolt just a tiny bit loose and the whole assembly upside down, Crank in the adjuster just a little to expel any air.

8. Tighten the banjo bolt fully to seal the line. You did remember to see which way it points didn't you. ;)

9. Re-mount the adjuster on the pivot mechanism and you should be done.

10. Crank up that preload and see what you've got now.....!!! :yeah: Check for leaks !

Found the instructions for this old site and thought I'd repost it on the new because it really helps. !!:)

Take Care,

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