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Rear shock preload tensioner stripped

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Went to go for a ride with my sweetie the other day and while adjusting the preload the adjuster stripped. Removed the knob and the threads on the adjuster bolt appear bungled. Can't really tell if the threads are gone or just full of debris from the stripped out tube. In any event, I'll be needing a replacement adjuster. I saw a few posts with similar problems, but none appeared to be resolved - outside of replacing the shock.
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K100Dennis said:
So is this a maintenance issue ? Do we need to be periodically lubricating the preload adjuster threads ? My stock '05 Showa 1 always feels a bit firm but I've never screwed it out to look at the thread. I imagine that being a threaded device and often used, it may need lubricating. I'll check mine shortly as I received my Wilbers yesterday. ;)
The thread stripping seems to be a common problem. And of course you cannot buy the adjuster only as a spare part...:mad:

I would highly recommend keeping this adjuster thread well lubricated. As it is designed (cheap) the thread looks like just a standard screw / bolt thread and as I see both the nut and bolt part are steel. This works OK in a once tightened regular bolt but if this adjuster is frequently used it should be well greased.

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