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Rear Shock Installation

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I recently bought a set of shocks from Works Performance for my 2008 RT. If you're not familiar with them, they will take your old ESA shocks and install the ESA stuff on new and rebuildable shocks.

All is fine and good with installing the front. However, I'm having problems installing the rear. The bottom mounting of the shock does not square up with the swing arm mounting. I figure I can rotate the lower end to align it, but what is the best method? would a crescent wrench across the flats do it or should I try a drift punch through the mounting hole while its on the bike? Or should I take it off the bike and line it that way. I'm not sure how much effort it should take to rotate it into alignment. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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First of all thanks for all your thoughts and ideas. When I first posted my question, it appeared that I needed to slightly rotate the bottom portion of the to fit in the swing arm mounting. With more light and sharper eyes, It appeared that there was some offset in the shock mounting causing it not to fit. I rotated the bottom of the shock 180 Deg and the bottom dropped right into place. This orientation coincided with the oem shock, indicated by the wire harness coming out of the bottom end (see picture).

I will check with the vendor to see if this was OK to do.
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