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Rear Seat "platform"

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I do not believe that I will EVER have a pillion and was thinking that it would be better to replace the seat with a flat surface that I can place my luggage on.

I searched for pictures but came up blank..

Anyone replace the rear seat cushions with a flat surface of some kind?

I am not looking to remove the TOP case..

Thanks in advance.
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OK, I see that BMR does have a K1200LT Flatbed Luggage Rack but that bad boy is $350 and is on top of the existing rear seat.

I was thinking of ripping off the foam and building a platform from there.
This is the BMR product

AT $350 that is a chunk of change.

The Pelican Case that I use as "carry on" luggage for the LT is 21.78" Length19.7" Width x 11.9" Depth...

It fits between the side case handles nicely.
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Those are REALLY nice, but they are 3 times the price of the BMR rack .

Secondly I do not see how this solves the problem of providing a flat space to put my luggage on?

I checked into the Marrriot in Miami the other day with my new carry on and felt like a human being with my laptop bag on the handle, the carry on rolling in it's wheels and my tank bag slung over my shoulder. OH and my two suits were in perfect condition when I pulled them out of the carry on...

I would normally have had 5-7 bags with me to schlep in with me. Bags falling everywhere when I hit the reception desk, suit jackets sometimes hitting the floor. It is a mess.

Get the picture?
WillieC said:
This sounds like a good idea for one up riding. Anyone have a pic of it or how you would mount the trunk forward??

Thanks much !
I have not seen any pictures of a trunk forward position but would like to see one...

I think removing the pillon seat and moving the trunk forward might be an option..

This way the luggage would NOT interfere with the speakers and like you said, using the back rest could be a reality...
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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