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I've had a '99 LT for about 16 months, now to 74000 miles or so. Within the past couple of weeks, I've noticed a metallic rattle at low speeds (probably doing it at high speeds but can't hear it). I've located the rattle as being the rear brake rotor.

I'm not much of a wrencher so I don't know the terms, but connected to the rotor is gear like piece. It is screwed tightly to the piece holding the rotor itself, so the rattle isn't coming from there. It appears all the rivets(?) connecting the rotor to the gear like piece are where the problem lies. The rotor itself is moving within all the rivets but there is no way to tighten what is rattling. Is the caliper supposed to keep this rattle from happening and the caliper is the issue? I just don't know enough to get beyond where I'm stuck.

Side note, a few months ago, I bought a rear tire online, took my rear wheel off and took it to a local motorcycle shop to be mounted. No problems getting it off or back on, but that shouldn't have anything to do with this right?

Thanks for your help!

Edit: thought it might be a lone issue...HOW is amazing. Found my answer there, though not a good one. Anyone know if those rotors have come down in price?

Edit#2...ouch! $491 for the rotor/disc assembly...guess I'll just live with the rattle!

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Those are floating rotors and you have two options. 1. Clean it really good and squirt some silcone seal around the rivets (not too much) and let it set up. Will quiet the rattle while still allowing some float. 2. Get the aftermarket EBC rear rotor, no rattle and no squeal. Best of all it is only about $150. I think has them and you can get 10% off with the code BMWMOA.
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