so i bought these from Ebay, and it came as a set of front and rear, well i only needed the front, the history of these bars was the owner dropped his bike standing still, so light scrates on the bottom so no one can see scratches, so i had them powder coated it looks great!, no bends but it comes with new mounting and brackets, so if your looking for a discount but great product, this is your deal! here is the link of these bars new. (please see the drop video on how these bars work when your bike falls over, like that never happens LOL) heres the link. btw iyou pay for shipping from Fresno Ca. 93727 thanks for reading and always ride safe and fun (y) :cool: (y)
30-800BL, REAR GUARD BARS, 2014-2018 R1200RTW or 2019 and up R1250RT, SEMI GLOSS BLACK FINISH (