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Last fall I had rear end issues with the bearing (around 36K on my 99). I had it fixed and all better. So I rode it a few times over winter, only managed to put on around 4K or so.

Now I notice a vibration in the rear end when I am lugging the bike especially. I don't notice it when the revs are up, but it is very clearly coming from the back of the bike. It is most pronounce at around 25 mph (30 indicated) in 3rd gear that's around 1400 rpm's I think.

I feel the vibration is either gears not mating correctly or something rubbing. It definitely isn't the tire. As I write this, I am struggling to remember if the vibration goes away if I grab the clutch (that would really help wouldn't it?)

How does the shaft mate with transmission? Are there shims there? I have never had the rear end a part before, but in pics it looks pretty much like a front wheel drive half shaft. I don't know where it would make that vibration from.

Anyway, I am trying to get back to the repair shop. They aren't conveniently located, so that takes some doing.

Any thoughts?
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