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Randy wanted me to pass on his greetings to all his old friends here. Since he was banned without any notice or explanation to himself. :(

Rant on

I would like to say there are somethings you can let slide and go quietly away. This is not one of them, we put this board together post by post for over 12 years. Randy, Andy and other worked untold hours getting and keeping it up and running for all.
The users of this board should not only ask but demand a full accounting of what went on here and why private messages were deleted. Along with why long term members/founder were banned without any process. Threads locked, words auto changed without even notice to the long time admin/moderators still on this board.
I do understand this is a privately owned board but that does not mean the users have to hang around and put up with it.

disclaimer - Randy has no ownership in what I just wrote

Rant off

anyhow like I said Randy says Hi :wave
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