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Rain & Raido

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seems like every time it has rained (like once since May) or very heavy dew in the mornings my radio decides to work again but only for a few minuets, It usd to do this after l washed it and would work for a day or so then the screen would read "NO RAIDO"
it finally rained like a banchie here last night, even got caught in the rain, 60mph p hail on a bald head is a good enough excuse to wear helmet. sure enough this morning it worked for about 2 min then shut off and said NO RAIDO??
when it first started over 2 years ago it seemed like colder temps would make the wires contract enough to make a tight connection but as soon as 70 deg. no raido, I have never had the sting ray off till a few weeks back.
I have read some of the posts listed here, but no one mentions moisture "making" it work

I have tried cleaner & ele. grease but still NO RAIDO

any ideas? other than sending it to England or where ever a few have sent theirs

2006 LT

Thanks Guys....
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yes, remove the tupperware, flip the stingray reomove the weather protectors and disconnect, clean, apply de-ox, and reconnect all the connections. While in there do the same to all of the connector plugs. May solve your problem and prevent others.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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