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Radio glove box replace

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Today I removed the 2 part radio glove box from my '02 1150RT and replaced it with a used non radio(one piece) glove box that was marked 1100RT but I was assured by Beemerboneyard that it would fit. All went well and box does fit, but the cover to the glove box compartment(part of the fairing) has a complex rubber "gasket" on the inside of the cover that meshes with the radio box, but does not work with the non radio box. I can close the cover ok, but the gasket fit is not right. What to do? Should I remove the entire gasket and use some weatherstripping to create a gasket that will make the cover seal well? Suggestions appreciated. What is on the underside of the cover on 1150RT bikes that do not have the radio glove box? Thanks--Carl
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A new gasket from BMW is only about $15. I think it's the same part # for the 1100 and 1150.
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