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From: Niall Mead <[email protected]>
Date: Thu Sep 22, 2005 9:29 pm
Subject: Ridden an R12RT niallmead
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Well, the K12LT went in for its 18k service last
Friday, except the dealer was mega busy, and they were
late starting etc, so I got an r12RT to get me to and
from work until my K12 was back on the road – what
took the time was a loose connection to the rev
counter – virtually a complete strip just to get to

Anyway, some 950 miles later, I’ll write up my
feelings on this machine. Firstly, I’ll remind
readers that I had two R11RT’s and clocked up 45,000
miles on them.

Comfort: Not as good as I remember the R11RT, and
quite significantly inferior to the K12LT. The screen
is just too low. Even on low seat height, you still
get hit between the eyes. An aftermarket screen is a
must. But this was just the same on the R11RT. I
found the R12RT was quite tiring after the ride home,
unlike the K12LT which leaves me quite fresh. I
certainly wouldn’t have liked to do a Leeds trip on
the R12RT – I would have been knackered. Then there
is the narrow bars, which means its more effort to
throw it around.

The front end just pitches up and down on
acceleration/braking, leading to car drivers thinking
you’re flashing the headlight at them as you open the

The bike is too top heavy – a 27 litre tank doesn’t
help, and sitting ON the bike, rather than IN the bike
is the feeling, unlike R11xxRT’s or the K12LT.

The bike is just too twitchy, probably because of the
lack of weight. Acceleration is good, fuel economy is
just better than the K12LT, reporting 43mpg against 41
to 42pg for the same trip/style of riding to the
K12LT. This means it is superior to the R11RT, which
would have struggles to make 40 to maybe 41.

The panniers are too wide, meaning you have to side
stand, then main stand. Maybe you’d get used to that.

Overall – not my cup of tea. Now the R1200CL, or the
K12GT – they were both very pleasant to ride and I
thoroughly enjoyed them - so much so, they would be on
my list of "must buys" when I win slightly more than a
tenner on the lottery.

I could have held on to the R12RT for another day, and
collected the K12LT tomorrow. Instead, I went and got
my K12LT today, and felt relaxed straight away.

Phil wrote
>What are the "issues" you have with the R1200RT ?

Just a general unease regarding the flimsyness. The fairing/windshield
flutters at motorway speeds and each panel can be dented with finger
pressure. The quality of german plastic seems to have changed from the
strong rubbery "audi interior" thick grade to thin flimsy, this is about to
snap, CD case grade.
I didn't go a bundle on the tank design (lets buy a BMW bag as Baglux cannot
fit!) and the panniers weren't easy to use or attractive..

Having said that, I had a good day's trial and the very good points (cf 11**
rt) are:
More powerful free reving engine
much improved servoed brakes with feel
lighter flickable handling
better 6 speed gear box.

I shall probably eventually go over to the 1200rt - the UK and US press are
certainly raving about it - but I do still look at the curves of the 1100
with pride rather than the origami preying mantis 1200.

each to their own

Simon Cardiff

From: "Bill Bradford" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed Oct 5, 2005 11:42 am
Subject: R1200RT billgreyabbey
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I thought I would add a little to what has been said of the R12RT after
three weeks and nearly 3,000 miles (two-thirds of which was two-up &

Plus points over R1150RT (owned 2 of those):

* Faster/ more eager
* Smoother
* More economical
* Lighter
* More 'flickable' handling - bars are slightly further forward
but seem to be the same width to me - it's not a GS or LT
* Better headlight (but they all seem to be set very high and mine
needed adjusting down)
* Easier to clean
* More protective fairing, hands/lower arms stay drier as airflow
now goes over & around them (don't agree with Niall about screen - I am
just short of 6' with a long back/neck and someone else's legs and find
it perfect)
* Much better ground clearance and improved suspension, although a
little harsh at the front - no grounding of centre stand on fast bumpy
* Tank bag is a piece of design excellence although might benefit
from a couple of small side pockets for toll change etc
* Bigger topbox is huge and inner bag quality is excellent
* ESA is a boon if you change between solo to two-up regularly, and
the three damping positions are actually relevant
* Luggage and fairing storage compartment can be left unlocked if
* Clever tyre valve on side of front wheel spoke makes checking
pressures easy
* Optional computer is handy with remaining range, temperature, ice
warning, oil warning etc (mine is showing 51.3 mpg overall)


* Seat definitely nowhere near as comfy, I was spoilt with a
Sargent saddle on the last 1150 and will have to go there again
* Instruments can be hard to see in sunlight due to reflection on
instrument panel cover
* Mirrors initially seem not as good, but when you get used to
seeing your bar ends in them you realise you see the same area behind as

Overall a very significant improvement over the 1150 which you will
appreciate more as time goes on, and especially if you ride solo and are
given to occasionally making progress. Somebody needs to remind this
bike it is meant to be a touring bike! If you potter around it may not
be worth it. I will be buying a Sargent saddle as soon as possible as
more than an hour in the saddle hurts the posterior.



From: Niall Mead <[email protected]>
Date: Thu Oct 6, 2005 1:16 pm
Subject: Re: [bmw-club] R1200RT niallmead
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I agree the 12RT is faster, and more eager, but not by
a lot.

Smoother than an R11xxRT – yes, more economical – yes,
but not my much.

Flickable? I disagree – I found it harder work than
the R11RT’s, or myK12LT.

Headlight – R11xxRT’s are quite easy to improve. I
just dropped a 130/90 into my R11RT’s. I found the
R12RT quite mediocre and a pain in that the bike
pitches up and down on acceleration and braking,
leading cars to think you’re flashing the headlight at

Easier to clean – what’s cleaning?

Screen – I’m 6ft 1”, and don’t like being hit between
the eyes, and I like to sit with legs more stretched,
which would mean high setting on the seat, and that
aggravated the screen for me. It would seem that,
from your comment, if you are 6ft or able, the screen
could be an issue I’d be looking for an aftermarket,
probably an Aeroflow, straight away.

But the seat – Argh! A real pain in the
arse.Aftermarket needed from day 1.

I found the bike very skittish on bumpy surfaces, and
very easy to upset.

The biggest point for me is the headlight/front end
movement – the whole point of telelever is to stop the
front end pitching. Maybe this ESA stops that – I
don’t know what was fitted to the RT I had.

Panniers – bloody wide, and very easy to kick. I
almost dropped the bike the first time I got off,
catching my foot on the pannier. Then I went to side
stand and then mainstand.

I found the computer reads high on fuel. It was
reporting 45 to 47 on my rides, but the actual as 42
to 44.

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