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Go with Jim Winchester's support arms.
I ordered them and am very happy.
His construction is top-noth and they are good stainless.
And Jim sends you brand new bushings from Germany.

I had my supports powder coated.

This is from a previous thread that Ant started way back.
This is from Atomicman...
"He is "flybike" over on BMWMOA.ORG
Alexandria Ont. Canada
Hey guys, after mine broke last summer I priced the OEM ones and yikes! $208.56 here in Canada.

So I used the plasma cutter to make a set of exact replicas out of stainless steel, sprayed them flat black and ordered the teflon bushing direct from Germany.
Much better than trying to poke out the old bushings and stick them in another set of arms...they tend to get brittle and can break or at least get deformed in the 'removal/installation' process.

Made a few extras since I was cutting stainless anyway...for friends. You can have a set for $65.00 shipped to the USA if you like. They are sitting on my bench. I haven't put the bushings in the ones in the picture below, paint was still fresh!"

Jim's email is [email protected]

- Hope you don't mind Jim.
Love the product.

BTW - No offense Mike. Just my 2 cents
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