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Good bag as noted by previous posters.
I electrified mine with power from the accessory outlet and fitted it with a power out so can use just a short cord from my heated jacket to it.

It has a waterproof internal liner with a drawstring closure and snap attachment that if used correctly will prevent rain from getting at contents though some moisture gets into the map pocket in heaviest weather and a bit can seep in through the zipper and make a small puddle on top of the linner (snaping it to the bag lid using the provided snap ensures the water rolls out rather than in when the bag is opened). Plastic is poor quality- gets cloudy and discolored too easily - any US boat curtain vinyl is 10X better

No need for adding compartments. I use some small zip mesh bags that came with some accessory to segregate cords, chargers, etc from the water bottle in the bag (that supplements my camelback in hottest weather but is the only water on board in cooler weather)..Mine also carries my camera, a pair of small binoculars, munchies like trail mix, an assortment of maps in a ziplock bag on the underside of the lid, etc.

It does obstruct my Zumo mounted in the factory location unless I tilt it up and lean forwad but then it catches too much sunlight.

No problems with it so far other than window discoloration..
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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