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R1200RT ABS light

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Hi all, I'm new here. This site was reccomended to me by a gentleman helping me diagnose this issue on another forum, he suggested that I run it by you gents.

Here's the story. A friend brought me his 2006 R1200RT with 76k miles because it the dealer told him it needed a final drive, among other things. From time to time, his brake failure light would blink, the red triangle would blink and the speedo would stop working. He took it to a dealer and they told him they found several faults. Low fluid level, low voltage, and low rear pads. The tech also wrote in the comments section that the ABS pump may need replaced if the above doesn't fix the codes. When removing the rear wheel, the tech also noticed a large amount of play in the final drive.

So, for reasons I won't go into to, my friend doesn't trust this dealer so he brought the bike to me. Final drive had tons of play, so I confirmed what the dealer told him. I replaced the final drive with a known good unit from a 2005 1200GS, George from Beemer Über Alles advised me that the final drive would work other than the gearing being lower. A visual inspection seems to confirm this, as both final drives appear to have the same indicator ring when viewed and measured through the sensor hole.

So new final drive installed, new brake pads, still have the failure light and triangle blinking. Except now it does it all the time and not just sometimes. (battery is 100% charged) So, I stripped the bike, and did a complete brake fluid flush and bleed according to the instructions found in this article

Now, I don't have a red triangle anymore, but the failure light is still blinking, and the speedo doesn't work.

I'm trying to eliminate as many possibilities as I can before telling this guy to order a new ABS pump.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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The advice above is really helpful and covers good points. The front wire wearing through, just ran across a bike two weeks ago with that. Devil in the details. Here is a place that repairs modules if it comes to it.

Much cheaper than a new one. In addition to what is offered here I also suggest you do a search on and the sports touring RT site, . A ton of information that will take hours to read.
How about tracing the rear ABS sensor to its first connector, should not be too far. Clip on a device you can measure AC voltage with. Now with the bike on the center stand start up and moderately spin the rear wheel. You should get a couple of volts AC generated by the sensor. This will show one way or another if the sensor is doing its job.
Nitsuj said:
Related question... Does BMW offer any of the parts inside the final drive separately? I'm looking at the fiche trying to see if the 2 sensor rings are the same part number, but they only show the whole final drive as an assembly, not the internal parts. Am I missing something?
Doesn't the sensor feed off the large gear in there? Can't imagine installing a separate ring in there.
Also, on the abs pick up sensors, continuity is a nice measurement to take along with conductor to ground, but I also like to see the ac output, most of the ones I have worked with in the past had actual ac output specs but bmw probably is not forthcoming on that. If by some chance you found the part from the original manufacturer then specs would be available. Might check for metallic fuzz on the sensor tip. This cuts down on the signal output. I hope it is something simple.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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