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I have an 07 I bought last Aug with 33k on the odometer. I've been following the forum since then and read about upgrades and preventive measures.
So, here goes.

It came with a Nav III GPS. I have it registered with Garmin for updates, but it seems there hasn't been one in a couple years for this model. Do I need to buy a subscription to get more recent updates? Can't tell by the website.

Next, I have OEM shocks on the bike. Not having any issues, but to hear everyone's opinion, it seems I should consider either replacing the shocks completely, or just add Hyper Pro springs for much better handling. Pros and cons?

My clutch is fine now, but planning on a weep hole drill this winter as I can't see that it's been done. I've looked at the video and will use that when the time comes.

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Hi Jeff.

You need to purchase a one time upgrade or a product lifetime upgrade to get map updates. The updates you are registered for may be firmware updates.

I have the HyperPro springs but have not yet installed them. I did, however, refill the rear pre-load adjuster and it made a world of difference. Instructions can be found i multiple threads by using the search function.

When you drill the weep hole, you might also wish to drill a similar hole in the low point of the intermediate housing. BlauBeeMr has a nice write up posted on changing clutch, slave, and seals, and in it he documents doing that as well.

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