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No need to hold start button.

Clutch lever IN,
Switch ON
High Gear... 3rd,4th,5th
Several Stout friends to push or roll down a big hill.

all the above assuming there is enough battery to run the fuel pump and ejectors...

if you are totally dead... it might be really hard. You might have to push long enough and hard enough to get enough charge to run the fuel pump/ejectors etc.

But it can be done.

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Push or compression starting a RT is not as straightforward as push starting a '64 Volkswagen. Several times early on in my ownership I rolled down a hill with ignition on and tried to compression start. A couple of times I skidded the rear tire due to compression, a couple of times the compression just brought the bike to a halt, and a couple of times it started but I ended up with an ignition fault warning on the BC. Success = variable. So yes, it can be done, but if you can use the starter, do so.

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