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I've just purchased a used homemade aluminum cargo trailer to pull behind the LT.

I've got a few dumb questions.

The trailer weighs 180lbs. Is there a maximum weight for a trailer that you are pulling?

Is there a rule of thumb for tongue length?

Are safety chains a must?

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Good questions David.

I personnally will not pull more than 350 lbs (I average between 220 and 310) and even half that will affect your stopping ability even on the LT.

Tounge length - long enough. Cop out I know but I extended the tounge on the HF trailer I pulled. Not sure if it helped. Most imortant item is tounge weight. You should shoot for 10-15 % of gross weight for stability.

Safety chains may be required state by state. To comply most use something that looks good but will break away in an accident. The last thing you want on a bike is a trailer being dragged behind you on a chain.

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David, if you've got a decent trailer, you're going to love having one for extended trips,
there's a lot of good information available by doing a search on this site,
but also check out the motorcycle trailer towing forum.

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Pulling a trailer with the LT sense getting the LT ... ( Likely 20K on trailer alone )
As others noted try and keep trailer GVW at or under 350#
Tongue weight at 20# or less
I like a longer tongue, tends to shake bike less over bumps and whips less when in the twisties crankin threw the corners.
* Ours Center tread to tread is 36" wide and top box @ 40" wide X 48" long.

Only GOOD picture I had showing trailer and tongue length.
:( When we lost the final drive seal and oiled the rear wheel :(


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