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2015 BMW K1600GTL
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Hey all,
Went to plug the trickle charger into the bike today in the 12 volt adapter by the shift lever and the charger wouldn't register that the bike was there. The charger works fine on other bikes. Before I start ripping apart everything to find the issue, can the 12 volt adapter go bad? I'm guessing it might be an inline fuse. Is there an inline fuse or would this be hooked up to a fuse in a fuse box? Is this a common problem? Just trying to get some input before I drive myself crazy trying to figure this out with things that might not be a problem or not checking things that might be obviously the problem that I didn't think of. I've never had this problem before with any other bike, or this bike previously.

My vote is a fuse. Most likely in the fuse box.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts