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Problem with digital clock and gear indicator

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HI All,

Here's a little condrum that will get you scratching your heads. I have a '99 LT - 70k miles. A few days ago, mid journey the digital clock and gear indicator 'vanished'. The windows on the dash were still back lit, but the digits on the clock and gear indicator vanished.
When I reached my destination, I assumed I had blown a fuse to the clock... checked it... fuse fine.
I turned the ignition on ....nothing.... then after turning the ignition off... the clock slowly reappeared. Turn the ignition on...clock vanishes...ignition off...clock slowly reappears but has reset to 1:00....

Any clues? Nothing else has any issues... all working fine.

Look forward to seeing what ideas you guys may have for this rather odd problem!

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Interesting! Yesterday when I left the house the temp indicator bar was not there after a few minute warm-up. The fuel bar and all the other indicators including the clock were fine. I drove for a while and nothing. Then after I was on the freeway for a while I glanced down again there it was, at the halfway mark where it should have been. On several other stops and starts all was fine. Sounds similar but I have no explanation.
On the 99-2004 models the clock and gear indicator are a comon unit and share fuse F5 for power. I would "rack"(pull it out and push it in several times) the fuse or just replace it but it could have corroded terminals so even if you replace it be sure to rack it.
...will try 'racking' the fuse.... but I understand that the fuse also supplies other items on the bike... and they are all working fine?

And why do you think it works when the ignition is off... but as soon as the key is turned to the 'on' position (the fuel pump is priming, all other dash lights are on waiting for the engine start button to be pushed) that it 'dies' only to return as soon as the ignition is turned off again?
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