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Sorry if the answer is out there internet is down at home and I'm having to post this from work.

I recently purchased an '02 K1200LT and am about to take my first road trip on it. I bought a powerlet adapter, so I can run my GPS and iPhone. Last night, I was getting the bike prepared as I am leaving tomorrow, and the power outlets on the right side of the bike aren't working. The 2 passenger ones and the left one near the foot peg work, but none of the 3 on the right side have power. I have checked all the fuses under the rear seat, but nothing is bad. I'm not sure where else to check for fuses/relays. If anyone could please help, I would greatly appreciate it!


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Check to make sure the connector is attached behind the tupperware.

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I didn't know there were 6 power outlets? I thought it came with either 2 or 3, mine had 2 (left foot, left passenger) and I added 1, (right foot)

Sounds like someone added a few, that being said I would do what John suggested also, check wiring first.

BTW did you check with the ignition on?
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