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If you've tried to install a bike-powered sound system like an Autocom, you probably know you need ground loop isolators if you use any other bike-powered audio devices. In my case, I wanted to power/charge my iPhone while using it for music and phone. Autocom doesn't make an isolation cord for this, so I was on my own. They recommended their Bluetooth interface, but I nixed that because--believe it or not--it auto-answers every call! Ridiculous but true.

So my solution was to isolate the power side. This requires a DC-DC converter with no step-up/step-down. After quite a bit of searching I found a good one at a cheap price:

I picked up three of these for a total of about $45 shipped. I used one on the iPhone, and another on the RADAR detector. Autocom does make a detector cord, but not one that would fit mine without some work. So if I have to custom-make a cord, then I might as well customize it all around.

Note that each device has to be on its own isolator, otherwise you get a loop between devices even if the Autocom unit itself isn't looped.
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