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power commander

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has anyone installed a power commander on a lt?
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rtgrey said:
has anyone installed a power commander on a lt?
Yes. I went out to Dynojets facility earlier this year and had a preproduction unit installed on my '03 LT. Several other preproduction units were installed on LT's who were customers of San Jose BMW. So far they are still preproduction. The team is working to solution a problem with not always starting up first time. I can assure you that they are still committed to releasing the LT version contrary popular belief.

There have been other comments suggesting that the preproduction units were frying our LT's computer. Other than laughing my a$$ off, they are completely false. The PCIII only sends an O2 sensor signal back to the computer.

The unit is very slick in that I can dial in, within minutes, the exact air fuel ratio that I want the motor to run at. You want more power for commute traffic, punch in 13.4:1. Want good mileage for a long trip, set it to 14.1:1. No issues what so ever.

The problem is with priorities. Given all the new bikes, especially the higher volume ones that Dynojet is going to support and derive greater revenue flow from that's what will get focus first. They haven't given up on the LT nor have they forgotten it. I suspect it will be a couple more months till they finalize the starting issue and release the production version.
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Big Al is correct. It seems that BMW of San Jose is the leading expert on adapting the Power Commander to the LT.

Some other options to consider might be the Rhine West Chip for pre-2005 bikes and the Rhine West Cam upgrade for 2005+ bikes. A lot of guys were at CCR in Hank's Booth getting Remus systems and cam kits installed
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