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RyanW said:
Hey all, I am in the market for a sport-touring bike to replace my CBR1100XX. I am hoping to not give up too much in the handling department and I would have to assume I have something to gain power-wise because I hardly ever rev my XX above 6K anyway.

Never owned a BMW or even ridden one. The other bike I'm looking at is the Concours 14, but that's a lot of weight to be lugging around. I'm a low-end power junkie, I rarely rev my bikes very high so it seems all that sportbike powerband is going to waste. Anyone here grow up on sportbikes?

I recently made the move from a sport bike to the RT. My last bike was a 2002 Yamaha R1, great bike but I needed something more practical that did not continually temp my right hand :D .

Unlike you I didn't have a problem with the higher end of the rev range but eventually my bank account would...solo bike cops are all over and come from what appears to be nowhere.

Prior to my renting a 2011 RT for a day I had never ridden a boxer or any BMW for that matter, what a treat. Immediately upon mounting the bike I felt comfortable, then I fired it up and just knew I was about to have an incredible ride. Approximately 300 miles later I was sold that the RT was exactly what the motorcycle gods wanted me to have. A short time later I ordered a Fluid Grey 2012 RT w/ Premium Equipment. As of yet I have not received the bike but anticipate arrival on or around 6 July.

If you are remotely interested in the bike...ride one. Before you ride one be ready to follow through with the purchase because that will be an overwhelming desire.

Good luck and keep us posted.

1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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