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A little bit of history first: When Karen and I bought our F-bikes we bought them at a dealership which was convenient and offered decent prices. In our case this was Ex-Import in Houston alongside 59. You know that nagging feeling that you have when you are talking to some dealer representative and you get the feeling they have no clue what they are talking about? Well, it was that way when we finally brought our bikes for some warranty work (our gas tanks had small cracks) but unfortunately I didn't listen to my feelings and I still let them do the work. BIG mistake! That was just before Xmas and I just drove the bike home with almost no gas in the tank, and put it into the garage.

Fast forward to Monday, 3/1/11 I make it with the last drops of gas to work, and after work I drive right to the gas station around the corner and gas up the bike. Doing nothing different (filling to the brim) than usual and head on home. From my work there is a freeway entry right there, so I was just entering the freeway riding home. Thats about 20 miles. When I got off the freeway I smelled gas, but didn't think about it the first time when I came to a halt at an intersection, but when I smelled gas at each and every intersection afterwards I was going "Hmmm..." Anyway As I arrive home and park the bike it wasn't dripping it was leaking gas all over. and worst of all onto the HOT catalytic converter. Needless to say that I wasn't very happy with that. So far for the bad ...

Today: After all the excess gas leaked out I felt it was safe to ride the bike down to Gulf Coast BMW and I was there right as they opened their doors. I have to say it is refreshing as a customer and especially for someone who lives around bikes all year long to finally talk to folks at a dealership who actually KNEW what they were talking about! And to folks who are genuine in their interest for the customer. Even though I had Karen with me in case I would be unable to 'procure' a loaner bike, and even though both of their 'official' loaner were out after being asked only once they proceeded to pull what seemed to be one of their demo bikes as a loaner and sent me on my way to work.

Best of all, they did find a couple thing the previous dealer messed up and fixed these things as well under warranty. For me the case is easy: They just got a new customer, and I will bring my $$ rather to Gulf Coast than any other guy/shop. I'm happy that we have at least one good dealership in Houston. Seems they are getting few and far in between these days.
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