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We were not able to transfer all of your profile information from the old user database. Please take a few moments and update the information in your user profile. Simply use the User CP button above and to the left. It is especially helpful to provide a real name and location so that other members know where you live and who you are. Also if you put in the Month and day of your birthday it will be on the calendar. You don't have to provide the year and can hide from others how young you really are.


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Oh, and PLEASE use the 2-character State Code and 3-character Country Code for those of you in the US. It makes searching for other riders in your area so much easier.

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Only a countrycode

Hello All,

I updated my profile as requested and used NL as country-code (or whould you rather have NED ....), no state ( not nessecary here in the Netherlands :)).

In addition I want to thank you for all the work you did for this forum. Great job. And the new forum ... cool.

One small remark I happen to use firefox 1.5 beta (I know no garantee with a beta) and the smilie menu doesn't work correctly I only get until 'big grin' and the rest is out of sight.
I just mentioned it as information.
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