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I mounted my lights slightly inboard, underneath my tipover bumpers. I like them there and I also like the separation they offer and the "triangle" of light that they provide. Now mind you, you'll probably gain more after dark illumination if they are mounted up slightly higher, but I like them just fine where they are and after dark riding for me is not an option unless I am caught out there. I mounted my balasts on the bottom of my chin spoiler and ran the cables up through the openings on either side of the motor. Been in plenty of rain with no issues in 20,000 miles.. A riding buddy of mine has had his there for over 25,000 miles with no issues.

I custom made some thin inch wide steel strapping, drilled some mounting holes on the bottom of the spoiler and strapped them in place. Also used some double sided tape on the balasts to help cushion them to the tupperware.

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