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Pilot Road 3's and Dynabeads

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Wore out my first set of Pilot Road 3's. Got 10,000 miles out of the rear tire before hitting the wear indicators. The front could have gone longer but it was beginning to cup so I decided to change both. Since I mounted them myself and did not have a balancer, I used Dynabeads. It was my first experience using them but I'm happy to say they gave me 10,000 miles of silky smooth, vibration free riding. I was curious if all those beads churning around inside the tire would cause some internal wear after that kind of mileage. Upon inspection I found some of the beads had some black speckles of rubber on them, picking up a light rubber coating from the tire. It, however, was not enough to show any visible wear on the inside of the tire.

I just mounted a new set of Pilot Road 3's this evening and once again installed Dynabeads to balance. Looking forward to another 10,000 miles of smooth riding. It's also nice not having weights stuck-on the rims which can fall off over time or can be knocked off while cleaning the rims.
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Been using them for about 4 years now with absolutely no problems.
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