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Picture of Back of CD changer wanted

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seeking part CD Changer Cable

Having gotten tired of not having a way to play MP3 thru the stereo on my '09 it is time to get something to play MP3s thru the CD interface.

I am looking for this part 61122305968

It is the CR Changer cable that plugs in the back of the radio and goes to trunk where the CD belongs...

I have searched and searched on my 09 and cannot find the cable on my '09

If anyone is parting out an LT with the CD and can spare the cable so can test and see if this is what I need, let me know.

The dealer price on this cable is only $60, so I might just order it and see what happens.


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it looks interesting.
Where do you plan to mount this thing?
pauleknight said:
I was assuming the oddment box would be the optimal mounting point.
Am I right in assuming the stereo/head unit in the picture is only for illustration purposes?

Only the black box w/ Yatour silkscreened, along w/ the cables on each end- is this what's being sold? :confused:
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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