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2 years ago I installed the PIAA lights that mount under the chin area. I wired them through the turn signal cancelling button. All worked well untill I accidently snagged the little LED "lights are on" indicator light. I went to Radio Shack, bought a replacement LED and it was working again.

Somehow, the LED was bumped, snagged and had to be replaced again. I repeated the same steps as above.

However, it's not working correctly. When I turn the key on, the LED falshes 1 time as usual, BUT when I turn the PIAA lights on by holding the turn signal cancelling button, the lights illuminate but the LED does not.

I've taken the LED off and reversed the leads with no success.

The Radio Shack LED is the same voltage and wattage as the OEM LED.

Any EE's out there feel free to chime in please.


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If the LED flashes once like it is supposed to then it is OK and wired correctly. I suspect the fault is now in the module hooked to the cancel button (can't remember the brand name). Might have shorted the LED wires when it got snagged. Just a guess though.
I may have another wiring loom with a new module. It will have to wait for the next annual inspection when the Tware is off. I'll continue to do as I have, check them working on the cars infront of me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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