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These are the photos of the bad intake valve and bucket discovered during 18K service. After 3 plus weeks I finally got my GTL back, which is not bad when you considering there were no parts available in the US. My concern going forward is; am I going to have more valve problems in the future. Guess I won’t know till the 36K check. Total cost to me was $620, which was the initial quote for the 18K service & Valve adjustment here in So Cal. Now I’m just happy to riding my own bike again an am telling myself this was one time issue. Blood pressure returning to normal!


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Did you have any indication there was a problem with the bike? Did the bike run bad prior to bringing it in for the 18K service?

The inside of the bucket has the look of a bad heat treat when manufactured. It has a pounded valve stem pocket.Unless the valve was bent in the guide I can't see how the bucket would be pounded unless the metal was soft? Another odd thing is the top of the valve stem look like it has rust on it? And the valve spring retainer edge is eroded?
Typically the only way to have a bent valve would be from the valve hitting the piston. Did the bike ever suffer an over Rev from a missed shift? I can't imagine how the valve stem could be bent otherwise. Did you happen to see the valve parts that were replaced?

Glad to hear your back on the road.
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