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In order to serve our member even better we upgraded to a new version of the webmail system. This new system has multiple internal features which will make the service better for you, like better spam filtering and message signing on outbound, so that your/our message are less often misinterpreted as spam. But then there are also a number of very visible and VERY USEFUL features for our members. Most notably these are:
  • Blog. Every supporting member will now not only get an email address <yourid> but also the possibility to create blogs VERY easily. Just click on "blogs" in the webmail intrface and follow the prompts. It really IS easy to manage.
  • A Photo store. In addition to the photo store on the site there is also a photo store that comes with your email address.
  • A public file store. You want to share a file with your friends? Want to send a file to someone, but it is too big for email systems? No problem. Upload it to your personal public file store, tell your friends the URL (Which will conveniently always displayed in your filestore window) and ... Presto. You're done.
  • Last not least your email address comes with your personal calendar which can always remind you of important dates. Just imagine: Never again forget X-mas! LOL
Have fun with all the few features folks!

All supporting members are provided with their own email account on You can access your email through or with any email client with either IMAP or POP3 support.

The email login page looks like this

To sign in to the webmail interface use your username and password from this site. The password for webmail is synchronized with the user database on If you change your password on that change will be reflected in the email program in less than 5 minutes. Please do not change your email password through the webmail interface as it will revert to your password during the automatic database synchronization.

When you get into the mail system click on ‘options’ at the top and you will see this screen. Here you can change your personal details such as signatures, profile or spam settings.

The Spam Control menu allows you to choose a ‘Friends’ system which is an email challenge system, or more thorough ‘Spam Filtering’ which is fully configurable based on a scoring system. Your new email account will have all spam filtering turned OFF.

You can also download a SurgePlus Windows Client allowing you to access file sharing or calendaring without using a web browser.

There are also a host of Advanced Options which will allow you to create Aliases (if available), set mailbox rules, display options, etc. An Alias lets you set up another email account that feeds into your main account. For instance you can create an Alias that is [email protected] and any email sent to that address will be directed to your [email protected] email account.

Our email system will also allow you to set up your own website or file sharing up to the storage limits of your account. Your URL for a personal website or file sharing is<username> and if you upload an HTML web page named index.htm it will load automatically. I am using my email web space to store all of the images linked in this document. To see it as a webpage click here.

To access your email through an IMAP or POP3 email client use the following settings:

User name: [email protected]
Password: your password
Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:

Below are the email features given based upon subscription level:

Donor and Vendor Donor Color Codes

Registered User - Blue (standard link color)
No email

Basic Level Donors - bold Black
1mb of storage space, no Aliases. This is basically to be used as an email forwarder to another email account.

Standard Level Donors bold Blue
10mb of storage space and you may create 1 Alias

Gold Level Donors - bold Gold
50mb of storage space and you may create 1 Alias
You may change the user title when editing your profile.

Platinum Level Donors - bold Slate Gray
100mb of storage space and you may create up to 5 Aliases
You may change the user title when editing your profile.

Standard Vendors - bold Light Purple
50mb of storage space and you may create 1 Alias

Premium Vendors - bold Dark Purple
100mb of storage space and you may create up to 5 Aliases

The storage space you are allocated can be used for files, photos or email in any combination as long as the combined usage is less than your maximum allocation.

You can support the site by using the Donate link at the bottom of every page.
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