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Hi friends,

some of you know that I am an active part on the "European section" of this forum.

I am the Chairman and Administrator of the Motorcycle Touring Club Germany, an international place for motorcycle touring.

Our forum place is just a few weeks old. Some of you may be remember that I belong to a simular Club for several years before. You know - sometimes it is needed to make a cutt. This is what many of us did.

In 2012, seven of us will do a 4 weeks motorcycle trip through the Southwest. We will rent the bikes - well no Beamers - they are just too expensieve to rent. We will ride the american way - on Harleya (hope they will do the job) :) :bmw:

Anyway, we would like to be in closer contact to you guys and wonna invite you to join our forum. It is for free - of course. :wave

Hope to see many of you guys on our forum as well.

Stay safe for now and enjoy the holiday season.

best regards

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