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Hey y'all, got this from one of our LT brethren down Houston way - if we didn't already have 3 dogs I would of jumped on this:

'His name is Tillman and he is a 9 month old, extremely gentle-natured, AKC registered, approx. 80-90 lb. (so far) Rottweiler in need of a new home. His owners are away from home in excess of 12 hrs. a day, during which he is crated the whole time. To boot, they are moving into downtown Houston to a place with no back yard. Due to extreme boredom and not enough exercise, he has started to go stir crazy and has been breaking out of his kennel. Needless to say, he's been quite a handful for them! He's been at my house for a few days. With lots of attention from my husband, me, our kids, other dogs, visitors, a cat, walks and lots of playing fetch, he's in HEAVEN!! The most "damage" he's done is eat one Kleenex! He actually goes in his crate for breaks and goes to bed "dog tired" at the end of the day!! The owners are looking for a situation similar to ours for him. We'd take him in a heartbeat if we weren't maxed out on animals! The urgent thing about it is....the owners are turning him into an outside dog. Not good. He's SO good with people, and just wants to be loved and paid attention to....don't we all?! Would you please keep him in mind and if you hear of or think of anyone wanting a dog of this "magnitude" (as in massive!), please let me know. He is too good to be "turned out to pasture!" For those of you out of state, I'm sure they'd be able to make arrangements to get him to you. They're very concerned about finding him a great home. They love him a lot and want to make sure he gets a family that will love him and care for him the way he deserves. He's a GREAT DOG!!!! They paid $600.00 for him, but they're asking $200 - $300 and would give you all of his "stuff". Wonder if they'd be negotiable. Believe me, he is as gentle as a lamb, and cool as a cucumber.

If you know anyone who is looking for a Rottweiler / lap dog, please contact Ellen at [email protected] .'
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