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I've finally taken the first step for converting my '06 KLT to a Hannigan Trike today. Placed an order deposit with ACE Motorworks in NJ and at last I'm on the list for 3 wheels. Been contemplating this for a long time but now have pulled the trigger. Unfortunately delivery of parts is not expected until the end of May and then another week after that for conversion. But this way I can still ride it on 2 wheels until then and have the trike for peak riding season. ACE happened to have a Hannigan/KLT conversion in their shop when we visited them a few days ago and I think my spouse was more excited than me when she saw how nice it was up close. The KLT has always been a great machine on 2 tires when riding solo and even with the SO on board. But when fully loaded I'm finding it just a little more difficult, at slower speeds of course, with each passing year. I'll still stay proficient on 2 wheels with the other ponies in the barn but for long distance runs the trike will take preference. I'll have some parts left over after the changeover i.e. rear drive, rear wheel and tire hydraulic center stand, side cases etc. and will post them on this site first if anyone may be interested and then probably use FleaBay after. I'll keep you posted..............Rob
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