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I'm dave but you can call me bonehead!

Came off a Voyager ..13 years of that ride!
Only seen one LT around here and thought it looked cool!
Anyways read here and the some goldwing sites.
A lot of wing owners compare their rides to the lt..but imo they are two diff bikes.
I'll take the beemer please!

Picked up a 2000 with 74k miles on the clock for 4500.
Some blemish's and what not ..but once I drove it I had to have it!

I'm skinny 5'10"-150..but this bike don't scare me none!

Hey this forum and the people on it are priceless..the info here is out of this world.
I had the wacko speedo thing and I never would have figured it was the tight zip tie that was cutting through the wire!

I was reading about tipping it over and rhought dang..that might happen to me..sure enough today I was baking up with reverse(so cool) and turned around to make sure i wasn't going to hit my rv and sure enough it started going over.
I let her go.
But because I read here I knew how to lift it back up..I did it!

Man this is getting long..sorry.

Couple questions.

1) I checked the fuses in those 3 boxes under the seat..all ok..but my cruise does not work or my heated grips..but the seats there more fuses somewhere else..I have no manuals.
The cruise light does light up.

2)How come this bike does not dive when coming to a stop?
I did see that shock and spring in the that why?

Anyways this thing loves to thrown into the curves and the power is sufficient.
Wife loves the ride!

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DanDiver said:
I'm 5-11 and 150 previous K1200LT fit just right!

The suspension keeps the front end from diving and that is why you need to be careful slowing to a stop. Don't turn the wheel and don't expect the front shock to absorb your momentum. Keeps the bike level and safer in a fast stop. I'm sure that someone will be able to give you a more detailed explanation.

I was not sure if things were right..though it rides least compared to my old 88 voyager.

I really like not having the front drop at a stop then rock back again!

Man..on the wing sites a lot of people knock this bike glad I went BMW.
I can put it on the center stand pretty easy after some smoke on start up then!
Also I check for final drive probs while on center stand..seems gear oil after a ride anywhere.
I figured with 74k on the clock that if it made it this far I might be good for another 74K!
The radio works great if you ask the 6cd!


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smahon said:
Welcome to the nuthouse Bones! Enjoy the ride and this site will make it even better. I love these guys!
It makes life so much easier getting the lowdown from peeps that have been there and done it!
The wacko speedo prob I would never have found if not for here..spliced,soldered and shrinked warped like new now!
I can hit over 60 in first gear..I know it's off some but that might not be a bad

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lesn said:
It is the "monolever/telelever" suspension, strickly a bmw invention that keeps our bikes from dipping when you brake. Better controll.
It may not look pretty on some bmw bikes but it is sure efficient.

I was come this thing don't dip? lol

Need multi quote here!

Ok..I'll give you a ******* thing that I do.
I suck out all the brake fluid in the clutch and the brake chambers then refill with dot 4..I'll do this once a week or so this summer.
I have done this to other bikes and cars and it works!

I know..I
I should learn how to bleed these things out correctly..but the brakes work really well!

I am a bonehead at times!

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Took me a few rides to get the shifting down..but you're right a little preload on the shifter then a slight clutch pull does it!
This thing goes into low so quietly compared to the kawi that at first I didn't think it was going in at times.. no clunk!

Farly small front tire though!
Thing handles like a over sized crotch rocket!
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