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I bought my 2003 LTE with 22K miles on it last spring. By the time Fall came around, the front end was staring to bottom out on even moderate pot holes,R.R.Tracks, etc.and my front tire was cupping very badly (@ 40 p.s.i) I mentioned to someone at work the high cost of buying aftermarket shocks, (or even BMW for that matter),and he told me that he had his stock Harley shocks and snowmobile shocks rebuilt by a guy here in Ontario so I gave it a try.
I have put a couple of hundred miles on so far with good results. The front end is much more stable, corners with better control,soaks up bumps, and it even seems easier to get the bike on the centre stand.
He also did the rear and refilled the reservoir for the pre load.
The rebuild was not without issues. Although he had never done an LT he assured me that it would be no problem. The first time he sent the shocks back back to me, the schrader valve that he installs to recharge the shock after the rebuild contacted the front wall of the mounting location. After some conversation and brain storming, (from his laptop while down south on vacation), he took the shock back and came up with a flush mount valve that gave me 5 - 6 mil. clearance. So far that seems to be plenty as there are no signs of rubbing or contact.
He also increased the rebound and compression damping by approx 30% on the front shock, which, seems to make the bike plant more firmly.
I have no affiliation with this gentleman or his business. I also don't know how durable and reliable this will turn out to be. His turn around time of 1-2 weeks turned out to be 6 weeks due to his Snowmobile racing schedule.
I do know that for slightly over $500.00 (Cdn.) the bike now feels like new. Of course I had to take the bike apart, and ship him the shocks, but it was an excuse to learn all about the bike and do all of the maintenance items while it was apart.
If anyone else is interested in speaking to this guy, shoot me a p.m. and I will give you his info so you can work out your own deal.
So far ,(for me), it was worth it. Hope I'm not being premature on reporting my success or breaking any rules with this post.
Ride Safe..
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