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I sold Tarkus last week. It was truly a sad experience to see him go down the road. Why did I sell him? I dunno. Wanted something lighter and different. Man, he was running so good and I was still learning to push him harder. I never exceeded his capabilities. We were together for 8 years.

But one day at work I had the opportunity to ride a 2001 Ducati S4 M900. The owner said he was wanting to sell it. It just so happened 2 days later one of the drivers that delivers to us asked if I'd be willing to sell the LT. I flippantly said sure and named a price. He bought it. It took about a month to get everything done (on his end- wifey, etc) and everyday I wondered if I did the right thing.

I must say Tarkus was in much better shape than the Monster (I think I'll call it LittleOne. Not nearly the presence in the garage as Tarkus). I've had to replace the clutch plates (provided by the former owner) and the headlight relay. I'll also be replacing the timing belts next week. (I've got the belts and I can do the labor.) Tires are in very good shape and all else seems OK.

The new owner of Tarkus stopped by on his was home from work yesterday with a couple of questions. Boy, that bike looks good.

Then I rode LittleOne this evening. The sound is soooooooo intoxicating! And the acceleration is soooooooooo much fun! And the Duc is soooooooo light. And it looks sooooooo good with its silver trellis frame, graphite gray tank, carbon fiber fenders, and Ducati Red rims!! It is a whole different riding style.

I know. I've been seduced by an Italian beauty. But then I've always thought Sophia Loren was one of the most beautiful women ever. If this doesn't work out I can always sell LittleOne and come back to the German side of things.

I'll be around and will still try to make it to the RTEs in the area. Even though I've only met a very small number of this forum's members personally I've been here for about 7-8 years and allyall seem like neighbors. It would truly be a loss to me to not keep up with the goinons in this group.

Keep the shiny side up and "Just Ride It!"
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