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My old 75-830 Midland handheld CB didn't work at all. It powered up but didn't receive anything, not even the weather band. It did this on and off the bike with the battery pack. I replaced it with the newer Midland 75-822. Hooking up the power adapter was a no brainer. On the old radio the mic plug was 1/8" and the speaker plug was 3/32". Well on the new radio they're reversed. :mad: All that meant was a trip to Radio Shack. The mic plug was also banded as stereo so I got the stereo adapter. When I powered the unit up, all appeared to work well.

Last weekend we were on a group trip so it was the first time I actually got to "use" the CB. In the parking lot getting ready to go, they heard the squeal when I keyed up but couldn't hear me. (but answered :confused: ) So I turned the unit down to low power. Once on the road I could hear everybody, but they said I only broke squelch and couldn't hear me. Once we got to our destination we played around a bit with it. Sure enough, no voice but it did break squelch. But once I disconnected the mic plug from the unit and used the PTT on the radio I was heard clearly. :confused:

I'm at the point of getting frustrated with it. We use J&M Performance (not Elite) headsets with the PAL upper cord and PJM lower cords (for J&M and BMW systems). It's a 2002 LTE so I'm assuming Voice 1 as the manual doesn't say which. Everything else coming through the intercom works fine. I know there have been MANY issues with BMW and CB and I did search.

Any pointers from anyone? J&M says it should work, Midland was useless.
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