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Nice run up to Toronto

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Took the old girl out for a Run up to Toronto, good test of the rebuilt final drive. Thanks Curtis (CharlieVT) the rebuilt drive performed like a champ, and the rear end didn't fall off so I figure I got it all put together right :) It's been a few years since I spent 10 hours in the saddle, 11 counting the time I spent in line to cross the border. The first 6 hours were pretty good, I generally keep the seat in the high position, some time during hour 7 I decided I needed a change so I switched the seat to the low seat position, it was better on my bumm but after a couple hours I was feeling it in my knees and hips. Must remember to stretch before the return trip. I have an Airhawk I deliberately avoided for the run up because I wanted to see how well the stock seat was. I'll try the Airhawk on the return trip, riding to Kent Oh on Thursday, then back to Bloomington, IN on Friday afternoon.
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I came in through Michigan crossing the border at Sarnia, the return route has me taking 405 across to 190, going to try and leave early enough tomorrow to stop at Niagara Falls before dark and continuing on to Cleveland, I have a client meeting Friday morning in Cleveland so it's a must stop; but thanks for the invite to stop over maybe next time.
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