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Hello everyone

Went to just look at a 99 K1200LT today. Always liked them but I was a Goldwing guy, until now. Today I became a BMW guy. Oh what have I been missing for the last 35 years. Tomorrow starts a new chapter in my riding diary. Totally looking forward to it.

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Hello Craig! "Newbie to newbie" gotta picture? How many miles you got on here?
Welcome aboard Craig. I also have a 99...bought her three years ago and added 25,000 miles on her clock. She is smooth, sleek and fast...I still love dropping her into 4th before a pass and pouring on the throttle...her response is intoxicating. When I drop her into 5th she gives a little jerk that surprises me, I love this bike.:clapping:

Now, just a little info.--there is some great reading while you dream about riding her--in the hall of wisdom. Everything a newbie needs to know to start catching up--not to mention there are alot of very smart folks that are able and willing to give advice, if needed. Be safe and prepare to smile... :D
It has 77000 and looks and rides great. I think the previous owner must have loved this bike and I will too. Can't wait to get on her tomorrow and take the wife for a spin.

Pics on my website:
Hi Craig and welcome! Thanks for filling out your information, lot's of help and advise available on this forum from a to z. Ride safe!
Welcome to the group.

That is an interesting color, looks custom.
Welcome Craig, I also have a 99 with 119k on her and she still runs great. Still a great ride.

Marty :bmw:
Welcome Craig, Not sure which model of GW you have gotten to the LT from, I went from the 1800 to the LT. Just some comments based on my "transition", You need to know that inspite of this being cosidered competition for the GW, it is NOT! the technology and ride of this bike is ahead of the wing in my opinion, The wing has a very smooth and powerful motor that will just pour on the power at a twist of the wrist no matter the gear, the LT needs RPM, and some shifting to give you an exciting ride. Once you shed your desire to compare the LT to the wing, and just consider the LT as its own entity, you will begin to appreciate what an awesome and fun ride it really is. One of my best experiences was my first ride, all that weight just melted off the bike once I started rolling down the road...Just give it a little time, and you will begin to understand the LT "purple coolaid" concept. You will love it. Good luck on your new ride!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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