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I've been reading this forum for the last few weeks, posted a couple of times, and this afternoon I got my new K1200 LT.

I've had a number of BMW's but never an LT. The first 60 miles have been great, and if the weather is good tomorrow morning I'll be away for my Sunday morning ride to enjoy some more.

Of course the next thing will be the farkles! I have a Beltronics STI Driver radar detector that I'll be moving over from my RS. I'll be exploring the past threads to get ideas on how to install that.

I have a Kenwood FRS radio that I use when riding with my son and my wife. That looks like it will be easy to move over.

I also have a TomTom rider on the RS, but the attachment cradle is not great, and since the LT has all of the wiring for Garmin equipment that might be an alternative. (I was going to try my wife's Zumo, but some little thief stole it from our truck 2 nights ago). There's plenty of time to decide on this item - it'll be a few months before I can go on any long trips. We're planning on going to the CCR in August so I'll have one by then.
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