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Newbie with rattle

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Just picked up my 2004 LT with the Electric Stand and love the ride. Apart from the rattle that I get through the foot peg's when I hit corrugation's, it feels like something is not secure. I feel the vibration through the pegs. Like there was a spring mount missing from the muffler or the like. Or the center stand is bouncing. Any Ideas????
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Just get a rubber hammer and start banging around on the exhaust... It's probably the hanger... The spring has a tendency to rattle... You'll get quite the buzz around 4500RPM.. That means, Let's go faster... Buzz goes away shortly thereafter and this is when it will start pulling hard....All the way up to the rev limiter... The real power is above the buzz...

They all do it....Really they do....

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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