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Hi guys, My Streetpilot 2820 is finally dying. Location tags are showing up where they don't belong. Screens switch by themselves. Have gotten quite a few years out of it and can't really complain - it's been a good unit with features that I have liked much more than what's been available on the newer units.

I was almost ready to pull the trigger on a new Garmin 660, but the cost is pretty extreme at $650 and then just saw the other day that Tom Tom is coming out with a new 2013 Version 5 unit and it is now available on Amazon for $389.00 US.

My Audio hookup to my 2013 LT is still via cables into the factory supplied com system and my current GPS's audio is hooked up to the 3.5mm connection. Not too interested in scraping this whole system to go to Bluetooth helmets.

From looking at the literature on the Tom Tom, ( ) it looks like the only audio output is via bluetooth.

So, my question is what you guys might recommend to get this audio into my 3.5mm connection? I have found some bluetooth receivers, but they all seem to take batteries and I don't want to have to fool around with changing them all the time or recharging the unit. But then again due to some bad experiences in the past, will I find that I will get a lot of static and engine noise if a find a device that is powered directly by the electrical system on the bike? Trying to avoid some headaches here before diving in.
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