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Hi all, just introducing myself to the forum. :wave
I have a 2000 R1100RT that I picked up last year. Tonight I just replaced the OE Bosch plugs with the Autolites single pole platinums and wanted to say what a world of difference it has made, bike is way smoother and responsive, idles nicely and is probably the best 8 bucks I ever spent.

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This is off your published topic but...

You bought a new-to-you R1100... Changing spark plugs is a good idea. Another good idea (if I do say so myself) is that the R1100 is 12 years old now?

If it were me... and I did this on the 1998 R1100S I bought last summer... CHANGE EVERY FLUID on the bike (oil/ drive,brake fluids)... check and measure every brake disc pad. Run your fingers over ever brake rotor- on both sides. New Air filter, New oil filter, Valve adjustment, throttle body synch...

THEN feel what is like to have fresh new bike...

If any of the above seems to be in a foreign language... we can help.
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