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The wife decided she wanted to take off for a couple of weeks, so I went to the local shop to buy her a new helmet for the trip. They just got in the new LS2 modular helmets. They work great. Matter of fact they worked so smooth, I decided to replace my shark helmet. They work exactly the same as the shark, just a lot better and smoother.

Pros: They don't bind like the shark if you get out of sequence. The controls are easier to use. I really like the jaw piece going to the back of your head (the shark does the same thing). I like the quick connect/disconnect strap. The shield is suppose to cost $35 to replace instead of $100 for the shark.

Cons: Seems a little heaver than the shark. The cheek pads seem too tight but I had the same problem with the shark. It's quieter than the shark, but still noisier than you might like. It was difficult to install the packtalk, even though they claimed it was communication system ready.

I think it is likely a copy of the shark, just tweeked a little.
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