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This is a re-post for an Excel spreadsheet with the most common 32 torque specs for the LT. You can add up to 400 in total on your own. The sheet will automatically convert any NM entries to Ft-Lb’s and also has a separate calculator for going both ways.

If you do not have MS Office, simply point your web browser to and download Open Office. It’s absolutely free and will open any MS Office document.

UPDATES - After some input I have updated the file. The new attached file now includes the following automated converters and their respective manual calculation methods.

NM to Lb-Ft
Lb-Ft to NM
NM to Lb-In
Lb-Ft to Lb-In

Qts to Ltr
Ltr to Qts

Inch to MM
MM to Inch

F: to C:
C: to F:

WORK SHEETS - The file now has 2 “Tabs” or Sheets”. If you look at the bottom of the Excel window you will see the two tabs named “Converters and Charts” and “LT Torque All”. The second tab has all the torque specs for the LT provided by forum user “jwd98056”.

SCROLLING - I have added scroll feature so the legend at the top stays put when you scroll down.

PROTECTION OF CELLS - As far as the suggestion for turning off protection, I have decided to leave it on by default. I am an IT guy and have found most users will mess these things up if given the chance. I have included instructions right on the spread sheet on how to remove the protection. Plus when you click on any protected cell, it tells you exactly how to unprotect it. There is no password and just a couple of clicks. If someone can’t figure out how to remove the protection, than they probably can’t figure out how to customize it anyway, so it’s kind of moot.

Because the file is a work in progress I have stored it for download on my own server. Please click below to download the most updated file. If you have trouble with this link use the attached file although it may not be the latest version. Enjoy!


407 Posts
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mjordans2000 said:
I was asked to login. Password?
I tried it and it seems to work for me. But I attached the file to the original post now so you can get it there.
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