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New HyperPro's and used shocks

Weeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 02 LT is back to where I remember after 45,000 miles.
I added New HyperPro Springs front and rear. I also replace the front and rear shocks with EBAY purchase from an 05 with less then 10K on them. I think I could have just replaced the springs. The shock still seamed to be in good shape, but the EBay shocks were only $100.

She sits a lot high again. The first time I put it back on the side stand after buttoning her back up I was reminded at how far she sits over on the side stand. I have forgotten over the last year almost scared the stuff out of me :)

The last year it has been fading too much in turns and diving more then normal at quick stops. Was also quite a task getting up on center stand with preload on high.

Just finished a ride on my favorite local twisties and she is back to a great stable ride no more peg scraping at the same speed on the same turns with the preload set to 1/2. I used to have it at max this last year.

The job was not bad at all.(about 4 hours start to finish)
Tupperware party, fule tank. battery cover.
Remove rear shock ( I had to remove the preload adjuster from the adjuster end of the hose for routing keeping banjo bolt connection up right as not to lose oil from adjuster) place a jack under engine and raise to remove front then replaced the front (getting hands up on top of shock to get off rubber compression spacer was tough). Had to do this to get enough clearance to get shock out without disassembling the A frame as it says to do in the Clymer.

Then replace rear shock, again removing the preload adjuster to route the hose and you are done

I took the Shocks I bought on Ebay up to a local Honda shop ( Ohio Motorcycle in Oakwood, Ohio) with the Hyperpro springs I bought on line and had them replace them using their Olins spring compressor.

When I asked how much I owed them the shop manager just had me slip the mechanic who did the work a $20 he said $10 but the mechanic did it right away, which I was great full for. I was expecting to drop them off and pick them up in a few days. So kudos to bike mechanic Dave of Ohio Motorcycle of Oakwood.


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