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I left Saturday AM on my annual long motorcycle ride, this time
out west to Santa Fe and points of interest around the Rockies. I
am also trying to finally start using social media more effectively
and in a sustained manner, so, I have started a blog: http:// and will try to supplement it with Tweets and
other goodies. There are already a few posts on the site.
I have made several other more commercial attempts to engage with
this stuff but none have really sustained themselves. We'll see
how far the Tweeting carries, but the blog should be good, with
pictures and maybe even some video if I can figure that out. I
hope that at a minimum I'll have a nice record of my trip to show
my grandkids and maybe I will get over the social media hump while
I am at it.
If you check out the site and hit the "follow" button on the top
left side, I think you get an email nudge, whenever I post
something, and of course, your comments on the blog will be
appreciated. Thank you.

Here's the link:
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