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Need Key cut

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Hi guys, I have a problem, we just realized that the only set of keys for my wife's R1200C were in her purse when it got stolen a little over a week ago. I know we should have a second set but it is what it is and now we need to get something worked out. I called the dealer we bought the bike from and he said that they used to make keys but the machine broke and they don't do it any more. He would be glad to order us a set that would take a week or so. Does any one know of a place where we could get a key cut based on the VIN#? We can send proof of ownership and ideally we would get it sent next day to our home where the vehicle is registered.

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Dave, that's tough news. I don't know about a key based on the VIN, but couldn't a good locksmith figure something out for you? It makes me want to go get a couple more copies of mine!
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