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Need Help!!!

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I need some ideas. Here is the issue: BMW R1100RT Type 259. I recently bend my front wheel. Straightened it out on the road, never lost air, and had very little shimmy. Now I removed the wheel, took it to a wheel repair shop, and it runs perfectly true and balanced with minimal weights. The wheel bearings were replaced at the same time. We removed the bearings this AM and double checked for correct installation, but there really is no wrong way to install them. Verified the bearing dimension, all is right on.

The problem is the the wheel now sits several mm to the left (side with the ABS) or in other words, it is not centered in the fork. That of course causes problems with the caliper location, it is rubbing slighly on the rim, and never mind the ABS sensor and I would suspect handling issues.

The only possible answer we have come up with is that in the wheel straightening process the hub was pushed to the right, changing the offset. Seems far fetched to me... Since I do not know anyone here with the same bike, I have no way to compare things. Any ideas are appreciated.

And I was going to head out for Germany today... :(


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Wolfgang said:
In German: Ende gut, alles gut! :)

Finally a positive outcome: After a 500 KM roundtrip to Vienna I got a nice used wheel, made it back home by 6:00PM and I am now enjoying a cold beer. The weather is so nice that I had to take a long testdrive, :rotf: and all is well.

The well intended moron :mad: at the wheel repair place admitted finally that he did not know how soft these wheels are. When he put it under the press to straighten it, he immediately pushed the whole center way out. i.e he bend the three cast spokes. What did he do? Took a guess and put it under the press the other way. He than trued the wheel, and did a fine job of it. That why it never occurred to me that I am dealing with a deformed wheel. I will have a conversation (via translator) with him when I return from my trip to Germany's Schwaebian Alps.

At 5AM, Side stand up and crossing Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, on to the Schwaebian Alps (west of Stuttgart) to join the German Motorcycle Touring Club for a weekend of riding and socializing. :rotf:
:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: Have a great trip and enjoy the GMTC.
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